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Update by user Aug 31, 2012

The \"confirmatory email\" finally materialized with an apology. The package that was already in shipment arrived and I refused it and marked \"refused-return to sender.\" I was refunded the $149.94 for the kit and I have since received instructions from PayPal on how to de-authorize payments, so I\'m hoping it\'s all over ... I\'ve learned my lesson.

Original review posted by user Jul 06, 2012

I purchased the intro advertised on tv and took the specials that were offered with the intro for a grand total of just under $50. The scrub brush for the face wash was so soft and slow (with new batteries included) that I gave up on it immediately. The face wash itself contains a paraben to which I am allergic. The decolletage serum caused a serious rash on my chest. While the eye serum and glow serum seemed fine, I wasn't all that impressed, so when the "How's it going" email arrived, I attempted to respond with my experience as directed. The email came back undeliverable -that should have been my first clue. So after digging around I found another email address for customer service and asked to have my account canceled on June 14th. I did not ask for a refund on the original shipment, just to cancel any future shipments. On June 18th I received a reply email stating all future shipments were canceled effective June 18th and asking me to call to provide further information.

On July 3rd, I received a notice from Paypal saying that I had authorized a payment to Meaningful Beauty for $56.64, needless to say, I was not happy. On July 5th I replied to the email that worked and noted that I was not happy to be charged when my account was supposed to be canceled. I also attempted to contact the person by telephone and got voicemail, so I left a message. Then I called PayPal in an attempt to cancel the payment from my side and was told that was not possible (blackmarks for PayPal). The PayPal folks gave me a different telephone number for Meaningful Beauty, so I called that number. The person on the other end apologized and could not tell me why my account had not been canceled and assured me it would be now. She also promised a confirmatory email - which I have not received more than 24 hours later.

On July 6th I received a call from an unidentified telephone number so I let it go to voicemail only to find out it was Meaningful Beauty - the person who had originally emailed me on June 18th - saying I had not left enough info in my voicemail to identify myself. So I called back and got voicemail again, and left my name and address and reminded her that she had my email. She called back again and when I answered she told me that the PayPal payment had been canceled but there was a 50/50 chance a package would still come through. She again promised a confirmatory email... within 2 hours.... we'll see. This saga may not be over yet :(

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Thank you, ShariS - that was my whole purpose (to keep anyone else from going through this process). Wish I'd read the reviews here before I ordered!


Thanks for the details. Sounds like a horrible experience...

one you had to suffer but have saved me from.

Thanks a million. Good luck with all this :)

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