Coldbrook, Nova Scotia

I have been using Meaningful Beauty for a few years now and have wonderful results. However, about 6 months ago, I decided to try another product that a friend of mine was selling.

Within the first 2 weeks, by skin was so dry to the point it looked like I was peeling after a sunburn and the "bags" below my eyes were so dry and wrinkly looking it was awful. Within a week of going back to meaningful beauty my skin looked so much healthier.

I love this product and the service I received. I will NEVER switch to anyone else again!

Reason of review: all of the above.

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Do you notice a real differance in wrinkles reduction? I'm turning 40 in a few months.

Of course that's a huge milestone for change.

I want to step things up a little for my skin and try to see if I can slow down the wrinklage.




I have been using the Meaningful Beauty for over a 120 days now and I do not work for the company nor do I get paid for my opinion I am over 40 years old and have noticed slight crows feet around my eyes as well as some visible laugh lines and wrinkles on my forehead I will vouch for the product line it definitely reduced the wrinkles and I notice the difference too ever since I started the beauty regime I have received so many compliments on how luminess my skin is I'm a safisted customer and will continue using the product line!


I do not know why people believe that these bogus products work. It's all a scam and the people saying good things and posting positive reviews, are probably working for these companies and getting paid to lie.

And, it doesn't matter that there are tons of bad reviews and complaints. These companies keep scamming people year after year.

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