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Meaningful Beauty Refuses refund

This is the worst company to deal with. I tried the product and within a week my face burned and turned red it lasted about a month. I cancelled the product but they still sent it and continued to charge me even though I returned it. I tried to contact customer service but they do not answer the phone. The only way they will answer is if you say "ordering new product" Think twice before you order this product. It's a scam they want to continue to send product to you and take your money even if you cancel.
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You should call Guthy Renker directly at their Corporate Offices at (760) 773-9022 and ask for Customer Relations, and they will be able to assist you. they were super nice, took care of the $ issues n even implied that some reps would be let go! worth a shot!!!


Refused refund for product that I did not receive. Brilliant money making methods. Don't waste your money!


DO NOT ORDER THIS ***!!!! I am one pissed off comsumer and I can't believe they can get away with stealing money...MY MONEY!!!

I order the product, tried it and sent it back 2 days before the end of my 60 day guarentee. When I heard absolutley nothing from the company about my refund (gave them 1 mo to get it to me) I shot off an email. WEll, according to them I went over the 60 days, even though I had proof of when I recieved it, when I returned it AND when they recieved it. so now they have my money and the product.

IF they were an honest company they would give you your money no matter what time had elapsed, if you returned the jar.

AND these jars were almost full because the stuff is ***!!! Nice way to sell product Meaningful beauty!...my ***!!!


This product burned my face sooooo bad!! I returned the product in my 90 day return period, but never saw my refund.

When I contacted customer service, i was informed that I may returned it in the 90 day period but it takes 4-8 weeks for them to process it and if that for to six weeks extended over my 90days then I would not get my refund!

WTH, soooo techincally the return period is 30 days! This was such a waste of money and time!


I agree whole heartly with you Tracy! I called and followed instructions returning unused, sealed product middle of April, still no credit.

Customer Service is the worse they lie, give out bogus information. I was buying double shipments one for myself and one for my sister. She was highly allergic therefore I called and sent back over 300.00 in product and have been treated with the most disrespect from customer service including talking to Danielle this morning.

If this is not settle within a week I am contacting the lawyer, and will go to small claims court. This is a TOTAL RIP OFF!!!!!!!


I have headaches from certain smells.This product irritated me when I opened the first one.

So I returned them unused on March 26th, Never heard or recieved refund. It is now May 18th.


I cancelled my order and had no problem there. The number on your bill always gets me to a rep, and I've called several times.

The issue is that I still haven't gotten my credit for the return that they received in hand on April 4th and it's now May 12th. It takes far too long to get your money back, and at this date, they can't even verify for me that they recieved my return (although I have proof of delivery and highly recommend that if you return product to them given the delay on refunds). I'm now totally disappointed with the whole experience and ready to sell the suplus of this stuff that is under my desk on ebay to make back a part of my money.

I wouldn't recommend it. Olay Definity works great for a fraction of the cost and you can pick it up locally whenever you need it.


You may not have canceled by the time your second kit was processing. If you tell them you had a reaction they will refund you.

It's policy. Their is an extremely high call volume so sometimes it takes a while to get through.

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Well today I saw a commercial for it and ordered it. I then read these reviews and called back to cancel my order only 15 minutes later, the woman said I wasn't in the system I would have to wait 2 days to cancel. I called back once more and got the same response....
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I ordered the products for my mom, with the expectation that I was only going to be charged $39.95 or I believe even less for a number of products when they had a promotion with the infomercial. However, once we received the package there were no promotional prices applied.

I was charged over $100 plus taxes. Even then I figured well okay, I'll let my mom try the products and if she likes it we'll go from there. BUT right after the first use, she experienced an allergic reaction to it and we returned the products.

Luckily enough, they did return the money back onto the credit card. Besides, Cindy uses botox anyways, so her whole story how she uses the products to stay young is bs.

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This is what I wrote to them and am still waiting a response! I have been billed for this product at least 4 times and have only received 1 time. I am calling my bank and changing my account # also am going to have my bank investigate you and I will be reporting you...
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I guess I'll just accept the way I look and be happy. That's really what these companies pray on is our hopes to turn back the clock, look a little younger.

Thanks for the comments, sorry for your bad experience. Just be happy with yourself, as you are...

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Meaningful Beauty Rip-Off

My significant other ordered the sample kit, cancelled the order and a week or so later my account was hit for $70+. Of course I called and complained so they told me that the order was for sure cancelled now but "when I get the big box" I should refuse it and they would then (within five weeks) credit my account with the $70+. Imagine that.....three weeks later I am still not credited even though I sent the unopened box back to them and I got hit for another $23+. I called again and was told the associate should have told me there were three payments involved and that the shipping and handling would not be refunded. They now tell me they have cancelled the last payment and will refund the previous payments(less the S&H) but I will need to wait another five weeks. I wonder how much I will have invested in these scammers before I get loose with nothing to show for my efforts but a phone bill and S&H charges. Pissed don't quite cover it!
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I like your products very much, but I keep receiving them every two weeks eventhough I called to stop shipping more products until I advise you to renew order.

I would appreciate receiving a call from the person responsible for orders. My phone no.

is 514-342-2667 in Montreal. My cell no. is 514- 839-7786.

Looking forward to hear from you.

M. Dadoun.


They never refunded my money like they promised!


You need to have the bank give you a new card and they will not be able to charge you again.

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It took 5 weeks for me to receive my order! | Meaningful Beauty review from Staten Island, New York

I saw the informercial, got excited and called to place my order. After waiting and waiting for it to arrive I called the company to find out why I had not yet received my order. They could not find the shipping number, therefore could not trace the package, made up excuses about it being because of the weather, and then told me it should be arriving any day fed-ex. Two more weeks go by and I still do not get my product- of course they still bill me for it! I called again only to get the same answer again. I finally get it a week later IN THE MAIL not Fed-Ex. THEY LIE!!!
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The kits were on backorder. ***

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Meaningful Beauty

I ordered Meaningful Beauty from a TV ad that said I could get their product valued at over $100 for $29.95 plus shipping and handling. When I ordered the product I asked the lady specifically how much I'd be charged for the shipping. She said the shipping would be 9.95 and the product would be $29.95. When I received the shipment there was an invoice attached for $109.95 plus $9.95 for the shipping. I called customer service and told her there was a difference in the price that I was quoted and the price that I was being charged. She told me it was the total instead of being charged installments of $29.95. I informed her that I'd be returning the product and to cancel any future shipments. She had the gall to ask me what the reason was that I choose to cancel.
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Well tell you what Ladies I take calls for this company. When you see the Ad on T.v it is for a 30 day supply "very small package".

The invoice that comes with your shipment clearly states that this is a membership for continued service that is set up on a default of auto delivery for a 3 month supply 30 days from the time you place your order. This is easily cxld or customized if you dont want to continue to receive the products. A 3 month supply is 119.85 not including the sh that is added to your 1st installment. If you order this product and you end up getting the 90 day supply right off the bat instead of the 30 day all you have to do is return it and they will credit you back what you paid in full.

Another option that you have is not letting a bad attitude get in the way of you getting to keep the 90 day supply for what you pay for a 30 day by calling and telling them you had only intended on ordering the 30 day supply....all it takes is a phne call and not cancelling your accout the same day call back a week later and cancel theres your loop hole otherwise they do tell you to return it. FYI we are just doing our jobs so the "gall" of asking why you wish to cancel is a mandatory question that we have to ask you. Keep in mind that we are people too and if your going to vent and curse and be a *** for something we did not personally do to you, do not expect anyone to go to any length to go above and beyond to make you happy. When people treat me like that I do not make any exceptions for them and make them follow the policy regarding the money back guaranty .

Another word of advice when placing your order either do it online or call customer service directly from the phone number listed on the web site to avoid the sales people that will try to upsell you or barter you to add aditional products into your order. :grin


this is a scam company

I had to get a new charge card because when iI ordered after I gave them my charge card and then I was told they where going to ship every 3 months there is no way to get around it

@kathleen H

You could have easily disputed the charges with your financial institution instead of cancelling your card. All you have to do is call and cancel that is your way around it.

I like how the word scam is being used so much when the company actually loses more money when a product is returned that they have to destroy.

Or credits are issued to a customer that is cancelling their account. Not to mention the customers who claim they never received their products or claims they were damaged that the company doesnt hesitate to replace or credit back money for a claims never received.


I used this product about a year ago, and I actually loved it and it did work for me, at 51 I saw the difference in my skin as I used it. But I do agree as I remember when I got the bill it was way more then they tell you on the phone. And that is deceiving! They don't tell you it is actually 3 payments of 29.95, not just one. SNEAKY. But I liked it and did cancel too because I couldn't afford it. I had no trouble cancelling it and it went fast and no problems after that.

But I am sure there are tons of products way cheaper that work too. Cindy is naturally beautiful so it just makes her product look even better on her.

I do believe that in France they must have great skincare products, but I wish they would make it for us Americans alot cheaper so we could afford it.

I think I will stick with Oil of Olay. It works too!


I had a friend have a problem as well. Seems that he ordered something, without it being the real price as TV advertised.

Yes it was a G-R infomercial. He then returned the item, only to find out that his card was being charged after the return for subscription services afterwards. SO, not only did he get ripped off, from the origial product... the salt was poured on the wound, by being monthly charged for he same exact product he returned and cancelled.

Seems that G-R needs to get their act together, of the FTC needs to step in. I'm also willing to bet that the BBB (Better Business Bereau) didn't give them a favorable rating.

@That's the usual from Guthy Re

When a product is returned it does take 4-6 weeks for it to be processed in the meantime the monthy installments for the products are not canceled because we do not know for certain that they have been returned until they are processed back at the warehouse. The BBB is well aware of how Guthy-Renker operates and has been this way since 1998.

This company deals with multiple product lines so when the return arrives at the warehouse it is processed in the order that it was received. It is the responsibility of the consumer to read the paperwork that is included with your order because all of this is clearly stated. It is very easy to point fingers at the business practice and blame it all on them. When ordering a product in an infomercial you should already be aware that there is a reason why it is exclusive and not available in a retail store.

When you place an order you are enrolling into a membership to continue to receive it unless you call to cancel. This isnt rocket science.

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Meaningful Beauty Shipping Service
DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! On 09/24/12 I was in the middle of ordering this and in the process got cut off, called back to cancel and the rep told me the order did not go thru so I was ok. Three days later my account was charged, I called CS spoke to Amber she...
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i just called to order her products. they tried to get three months payment from me.

my coupon was for $19.95 they tried to charge me $54.95.

thank goodness they did not have my credit card information. This is a scam offer.

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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set