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Customer#6492715 Would like a Return address to send back the products that were not right for me. I called the 800-311-0950 number and the automated service only let me know another shipment was shipped, which I have already received as well. Since the call your company sent an email stating when this second shipment was sent. I went online , could not get any info on your official site. So am very upset and dissatisfied with your company!... Read more

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In a nutshell, this entire "beauty" line is a total JOKE!!! Do not waste your money! It doesn't deliver any results, and the product pills up on the skin, which means it doesn't absorb at all. Thankfully I was able to return it easily to an Ulta store. I will never purchase again

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Every time I call this number (800-927-0047) to cancel, the recording says that she doesn't recognize my number. Then I give my house number and zip code and I am put on hold forever!!!!!! I do not have a login because I called after watching the infomercial (from that same number the system does not recognize mind you) I have been getting this product and I no longer use it; it did not work for me. Yet, it continues to come!! How can this... Read more

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Difficult in cancel order via email and telephone

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I saw the infomercial today. I went online to check reviews and checked their website. Went through the initial stages of checkout to find all the details right there as you order. $49 for the first shipment, 4 weeks later you get another one shipped for $149.85 plus another $14.97 for shipping (or 12 weeks if you choose 90 day supply). I turned away immediately! All you people who claim bad business practices, you are complete morons because it... Read more

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They keep billing you even after you cancel!! I called to cancel and they have it on my account by trying to bill last shipment! Be careful watch your statements, send product back but keep good records

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I am 50 years old, and have been using the products for about 4 months now. I have not noticed any difference with my skin. I had seen the infomercials many times, and trusted Cindy and her celebrity friends. I was wrong. They are very misleading. The products work nothing like they claim. I should have known better. I wish I had done the research, and read the reviews before ordering. The only thing I did notice, was that my eyes have been... Read more

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I hate this type of deceit. I ordered a 30 day, one time gift, on-line for my mother for Mother's Day. Three months later I get a bill for a 90 day supply that they shipped to my Mother. The bill of course is for 1/3rd of the total cost of the shipment. There isn't a total on the bill for the $160.00 or so, just a bill for $54.94 with a #3 on the line item. Sooo deceptive and sneaky. I was automatically enrolled in their membership club. I... Read more

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I received a 2nd box of meaningful beauty I phoned and was told to send it back as I had been called a VIP customer. I bought 1 and paid over 3 months. The 2nd parcel was returned on the 11th July and was sent 2nd class b y Post Office and signature required. You took £ 30.40 from my credit card and I still have not received a refund. My name is Margaret Kitson address 27C Thornhill,Johnstone, Renfrewshire, |Scotland PA5 8JQ. I think this is... Read more

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After reading all these reviews, So glad I ordered the way I did. I did it through ebay from someone who bought it .. not through the website. No additional charges and no additional payments. I could try with no worries like these! Next time you want to try ANYTHING try this first! I had some of the same issues here when I placed an order for some tummy thing that came with a band and some stuff you rub on your tummy. Never worked and I had to... Read more

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