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They sent me products that were going to expire in couple of weeks... wtf... dont they look before shipping out?!?! And i wantes to exchange but no response so i cancelled. This company does not take ownership of complaints thats why no more MB.

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Made me brake out, so I quickly quit my subscription. My husband thought he was being thoughtful, but I have found that a lot of other products have been far more inexpensive and saw more results from using 1 step products. Also, product is not affordable for hard working mothers that would like to be looking like they don't live a hard days work, like most of us.

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I have a twin sister and have been using meaningful beauty for a while now and have noticed a difference between my sister & I. There is a noticeable difference between her skin & mine. Thank you Josilena Frye

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Over charge n my second delivery plus was chsrge before delivering

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I like the skin care product. The major issue I have, is the gal that sold me the product completely and absolutely straight up lied to me on what I'd be paying!!!!!! She told me I'd only pay the starting cost. I asked her if it was all I'd pay, and she said yes! Well, what a complete lie? Instead of the entry cost I was charge over $140.00 or ...approximately that. She LIED!!! Rip off lie!

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I had an initial order to try for 3 months. They billed me a second time after sending product. I cancelled my credit card so that they could not charge me again but they sent a third time and billed me. I cancelled with them and told them not to send me anymore product. They sent me more product and billed me again. This time I sent product back and called them a third time to cancel AGAIN! They are still billing me for the product I returned.... Read more

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No matter how many times I cancel they just keep charging and sending product. I canceled my credit card and sent back product. Which they accepted. BUT still sent bill to collections. You can call and call and call it will not matter. They will just keep sending and charging you!!! DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET AWAY FROM THEM. THEY WILL JUST KEEP TAKING UR MONEY!!!! Cindy Crawford should be ashamed for what she was doing... Read more

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I feel I have been taken advantage of in a big way and want my money returned!! You were suppose to send only what I ordered. Instead you kept sending boxes of prodicts I didn't request. I tried some of them and only liked two. I didn't think I would get bombarded. I only use certain ones why do you expect me to pay for what you choose to send me and then take it out of account. A supervisor named MIKE 5164, WAS SUPPOSE to send me 2 lables to... Read more

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I just received a notification that a shipment was in its way after cancelling my subscription. The customer service sucks! The only way to cancel the subscription is by calling to a 1-888 number and someone, probable in India, answers like if you are talking with a machine. They have terrible skills, it is hard to get them to understand the purpose of your call....and all the odds you can imagine when calling to a business. This company does... Read more

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I did not sign up for monthly shipments, I distinctly remember un-checking the box, but they sent me a 2nd "introductory kit" and set up auto-billing for $54.94 a month for 3 months for that one shipment - without my permission. I called in to cancel and they tried to convice me to stay and then said they would email me a shipping label but they actually snail-mailed a return label but I have to pay the shipping and they will hit me with a 2nd... Read more

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