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Cindy Crawford in her commercial claimed, " for $39.85 and receive this bonus gift free!" When my package came I saw a charge of more than $111. That is NOT what was promised on the commercial. I immediately canceled my subscription. Also all of the products' packaging are impossible to read. I have to look the product up online to read the directions! Even a magnifying glass isn't enough. The only thing big enough to see on ALL of the... Read more

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I use ponds face cream and witch hazel to clean and moisturize my face, alot cheaper too. All these products are not worth your money, stop falling for these so called celeb miracles, scam scam scam, more like plastic surgery keeping her looking young anyway!

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you sent the package around the first of October. you sent me a label and I returned it. my mail carrier took a picture of the label. you took it off at first and you rebilled me nov.4. not to mention you charged me for a package not in my name. I would like my money returned. if you don't refund my credit card. I will be contacting them about fraud. vickielynn findley. I can't write 100 words. and if need be I will call the BBB. I THINK YOU... Read more

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I ordered one product and was billed for two different products. I contacted customer service and was treated very rudely, the agent told me it was my fault not theirs, unbelievable! When I told her I wanted to cancel the order I was given a five minute run around. Only after threatening her with legal action did she finally cancel the order. I would avoid this company completely. I have purchased from many other online companies and have been... Read more

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I had subscribed to meaningful beauty and received proactive. Interesting when I call to inquire why I received proactive, I was told by there operator my order was mixed up. My meaning beauty shipment was returned, when would I have been contacted? If a company of this size can not get my order correct what else will happen! They have an auto ship on my credit card so; extra payments and since they deal with more then one product what else... Read more

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My boyfriend and I went out together and he paid over a hundred dollars for this product. After using it for three months , my complexion has never been in worse condition . I am going to have to see a dermatologist for this horrible acne. I wish I had read all the negative reviews before I spent the money. Next time I will review things before waiting my time and money ! !! Read more

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I have only ever received great customer service. I have never been sent products without ordering.

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I ordered products via internet and the price was more than infomercial. It took over "4" weeks to be delivered to my home. Tool package to post office ! No way should this order take this long unless it was made in a third world company. I called customer service and I was first told that I had to pay for shipping the product! Yes, poor service and them Cindi wants to charge me!! After protesting I was told that they would not charge me!... Read more

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I have been a customer for 11 years. My card has changed and this man who was tending to me could not find me on file. I gave him all of my information. I am just trying to pay a bill here! He could not figure it out, and put me on hold to get help. I waited for 30 minutes on my cell one I hung up. A little to busy to wait for that. A respondsible, loyal customer and that is what I get?! Read more

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This is another scam just like DermaVie' And others advertised. Once you place an order you can't stop repeated billing. Customer service puts you on an advertising loop and no one will speak to you. I had to change my debit card to stop the billing. Do not buy, you will be sorry. Read more

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