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Meaningful Beauty - This is the worst company to deal with

Company Meaningful Beauty
Product / Service Anti-Aging System Kit
Location Boston, Massachusetts
Category Health and Beauty
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n 03/05/2011 I purchased the 30 day trial starter kit of Meaningful Beauty products to try out.I used the product for 2 weeks but did not feel that it lived up to all the hype so I returned the 30 day kit which I paid $46.65 via USPS and paid for delivery confirmation.

Their "policy" is, if for any reason you're not completely satisfied, just return the containers within 60 days of receipt and you'll get a full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping and handling costs). I also called them on 4/3/2011 and told them I did NOT want anymore shipments and the customer "service" told me I "he took care of it" and I "wouldn't be charged anything else." On the same day, I got charge on my debit card for another $ 46.65 and I called them back again they told me the package might still in the warehouse so it might take about 4 to 6 weeks to get my full refund BUT they will going to charge from my debit card for another $46.65 even WAS ACCOUNT CLOSED.
I called Meaningful Beauty on 4/24 2011 to request my refund on all my money but the not so helpful and rather rude customer service person told me they never got the shipment returned to them and that he had not intentions of refunding my money.
I discovered that this "situation" is a common practice for them. Over and over they "claim" to have "never received" the returned shipment.

This is consumer FRAUD and I wish file a formal complaint $93.30 that was charged to my debit card.After /5/02/2011 totals charge from my debit card will be $139.95. 301541a

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May 22, 2011 
Well I had the same situation today. I saw it on tv, called in and ordered it and then 15 minutes later called to cancel bc of these reviews and the woman said ur not even in the system you'll have to call in 2 days. Well I called a half hour later and got the same woman, same response. Then a few hours later my credit card was charged! I called and what do you know I AM in the system just now they say I ordered the product not today but three days prior so they cant cancel it because its being shipped. I fought with probably ten ppl and they said that now there were TWO orders i placed by me!! All I can do is ship it back they said. This company is disgusting and an absolute disgrace to human kind!
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May 08, 2011 
After ordering the Meaningful Beauty starter kit, at 1:12 pm today, and then decided to check out customer reviews, I called back within 17 minutes to CANCEL the order!!

THANK all of you for your comments. It's too bad I didn't do my research until after I placed the order! The infomercial with Cindy Crawford is convincing as well as the $ back guarantee promise!

BTW (Meaningful Beauty customer service was unable to cancel my new, first time, order because it is Sunday!)
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