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Meaningful Beauty-DO NOT ORDER!!!!!!!

Company Meaningful Beauty
Product / Service Anti Aging Products
Location Louisville, Kentucky
Category Cosmetics and Toiletries
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Monetary Loss

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!On 09/24/12 I was in the middle of ordering this and in the process got cut off, called back to cancel and the rep told me the order did not go thru so I was ok.

Three days later my account was charged, I called CS spoke to Amber she said to return the product she would credit my account for the product and for the return shipping and it would show up on my account once they received the product back. They received it on 10/03/12 and although i have received the $43.30 I was charged for the product (it took 4 phone calls), I have still not received the $9.99 I was promised for the return shipping. I have talked with 3 different supervisors: 2 Jennifers and today I spoke to Janelle-(she was the worst of the three). She is now telling me it will take 7-10 business days for the credit department to review my bank statement proving to them that my account has not been credited.

I am beyond pissed, it has taken me faxing my statement, 10 phone calls and countless minutes on hold and I still do not have my money back. I will probably end up receiving another shipment and I will explode if I do. I am now going to file a complaint with the better business bureau and the consumer protection agency.

Folks PLEASE take my advise and RUN from this company as fast as you can!This is the biggest SCAM and the product does not even work, RUN people RUN!!!!!! 309d412

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Mar 24 
I understand your being upset about the way the transaction was handled and the run around for the return shipping, but saying the product doesn't work is absolutely ridiculous. You did not even try it. How about being honest yourself. You complain about their not being honest and you come on here and are not honest. Get a life.
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Apr 03 
Hey Grandma you might want to put on your glasses and re-read my comment....no where do I say the product does not work!! and I am completely honest in the comment that I made. Make sure you understand what you are reading BEFORE you post a rude comment. Take the advise given or don't (your stupidity not mine) but keep your rude comments to yourself please!
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12 hours ago 
"Folks PLEASE take my advise and RUN from this company as fast as you can!This is the biggest SCAM and the product does not even work, RUN people RUN!!!!!! 305eee2"
You clearly stated at the bottom of your review that it didn't work.
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Mar 07 
you people are idiots, when you call of of an infomercial, the people answering the phone have a script they HAVE to read, that is why they are getting paid. it is not their fault the company auto ships and charges. they're just trying to make a living.
I have purchased items off of infomercials and not once have i had my card overcharged. Wait once i bought a trial offer of a vitamin and got charged 79.99. I just called my bank disputed it and it came off of my card no re-occurring charges. very simple
I hate this website because people can post any ridiculous comments.
Use your head when your purchasing any item.
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Feb 28  from Rowland Heights, California
can understand your frustration. i also had same problem with gunther group regarding proactive. Still haven't gotten shipping and handling charges reversed after I had already called (5 times) to cancel product -formula was too harsh for my skin. also don't understand why they go ahead and charge your card with shipping of 'supposed' 90 day 'free' trial.
hope your situation gets resolved so.
Reply to lildeadridinghood

Feb 17 
I went thru something similar from different company and it's the - Gunther group that markets these that is the problem. I would contact Meaningful Beauty and let them know what their marketing group put you through, they may need to know so they can change who markets them if they do care.
Reply to wilder

Feb 15 
Can any tell me if the product actually work? I'm not concerned about the customer service here that's not what I am purchasing...
Reply to Wanting to know

Feb 27  from Umatilla, Oregon
I got the product a week ago and can definitely tell a difference in my skin tone and tightness around my eyes. I had to call and cancel for future deliveries as I just can't afford it right now and had no problems with it. I really wish I could continue with the product. :)
Reply to Michell

Feb 09  from Paterson, New Jersey
Really? You sound like an ignorant spoiled brat. I would have paid you 10 times the amount to stop you from the Whining like a child. You never even tried the product. Therefore I'm pretty sure your face is as a wrinkled and horrible as your attitude.
Reply to loli

Feb 22 
Your an ***, why would you post that on here? This poor person puts their experience on here and you attack them. Seriously, you are so the type of person that is wrong with this world. You need more than just cream, honey.
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Jan 23 
how do you know the product doesnt work if you sent it back before trying it?
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Jan 22  from Chicago, Illinois
Thanks for all these reviews. I was going to order this product but will not order from this company for this or any other product after seeing these comments.
Reply to sissy

Jan 11 
I was considering ordering this product. Just saw infomercial. When I typed in Trymb.com all these reviews showed up......so not worth the frustration.....thanks for forewarning what would have been a future customer!
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Jan 08 
You should all READ before ordering then!!! It states that you will be billed monthly and have a recurring order happen and if you want to cancel you have to call customer service. READ READ READ people!!!! It's your own fault for not reading properly and just skimming through everything. I bet you never read your mortgage documents thoroughly either or insurance docs, etc., etc. That's the problem with people and then they try to blame someone else when they don't get what they assumed they should.
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Feb 09  from Paterson, New Jersey
Go girl!!!!
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Jan 06 
I also was offered multiple offers. By the time she said I'd be billed $52.95 every month for three months.... I was like what???? I thought it was a 30 day travel size? I even had to argue with the person just to get off the phone. I had to tell her 3 times to cancel my order and they should be clearer in the beginning before they take my credit card number. I am just a bit ticked off right now. I will never buy from this company.
Reply to RunAwayAsFastAsYouCan

Dec 16, 2013 
I did use a prepaid visa. It was perfect. They can't get you for the monthly
Charges that they try to do.
Reply to just me

Mar 04  from St. Louis, Missouri
That was very smart using a prepaid visa cand. :)
Reply to coco

Dec 11, 2013  from Shreveport, Louisiana
I'm heading to buy a Visa card and load it just for this purchase. That way I won't have this happen to me! :grin
Reply to Moneysaver

Dec 15, 2013 
How did that work out with the preloaded visa?
Reply to kj

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