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I used Meaningful Beauty products for a while, then I became overwhelmed with products, so reduced the number I bought to just the serum and day cream. Still, it became too much, plus customer service made mistakes and I began receiving more products again. As we were moving house, I decided to just make a clean break and STOP my account; I called, I wrote, but NOTHING worked!! They continued to send me products - to my old home,... Read more

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The only reason I got interested was the cooperation with Dr S. Subscribing was easy, user friendly, reasonable prices and quick post. Then the rip off started. This service has the most unclear paying system ever! More complex than a mortgage! Apparently it is not a one off, you pay in instalments so they hold your credit card details and they charge it with little sums here and there totally under the radar so you won’t even notice it and the... Read more

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Returns and cancellations are low priorities for this company. Once they have your ctedit card they'll keep shipping and charging. It's taking me months to cancel.

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I can not believe Cindy Crawford is putting her name on this product!! Sounds like we need a class action lawsuit!! I will not buy any product that she is associated with ever

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First of all, I was not impressed by the creams provided during my trial. I called and cancelled auto- ship so that I would not get charged for next shipment which was outragesly over-priced at close to $200. A couple of months later I received a shipment anyway. I sent it back. They sent it again to me a week or two later. They are now saying that I owe them $14.95 for some unknown reason even though I had to pay for it to be sent back twice.... Read more

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When I ordered thought I was receiving 30 day trial with one time charge of 63.44. Now I'm being billed every month $49.95 for 90 day order. After trying product for 30 days not impressed, then saw I was being billed again, definitely going back. Also the size of products can't imagine will last 90 days, it's not worth a $164. It's too bad that a big company like this is not straight forward in their infomercials. I have read on other sites... Read more

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Because no one has noticed that in the meaningful commercials. Cindy Had NASTY cheek implants or injections?

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I can not tell how disappointed I was with this product, I put my faith in product because of who was pitching it.......what a mistake on my part. I have been doing skin care for over 20 years and this has to be one of the worst products I've ever used. Not only was the product awful so was the experience of trying to cancel. It seems like all they care about is getting your payment and they don't make canceling easy. If Ms. Crawford had any... Read more

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I have been charge 4 times for two product orders even after I called and cancelled my order in May, they charged me again in June, even after receiving an email confirming the cancellation. Their phone system is HORRIBLE, never had a more frustrating phone conversation with a non human. DON'T give them your credit card information, DON'T order this product if you don't want them to drain your account dry, charging and re-charging you. I have to... Read more

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I phoned M B today June 8th, and had a very nice and knowledgable operator accept my call, she was polite as well. Karen Whitney from Canada

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