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Every time i speak to a csr they say something different!! I paid thursday the 27th of april and i want it fixed in the morning didnt get a callback!! I paid it was taken put of my account so why cant it be fixed when i have called every day since!!! Just send what i already paid for!! Add comment

I ordered 49.95$ of products thursday april 27th i had the $ took out of my bank within 5 minutes of getting off the phone! Now theyre saing they cant find my phone# or my address or my order #! I have called 4 times and the 2nd time i called they said they fixed it then today i still hadnt recieved confirmation email and i!m really disappointed i just want what i ordered and paid for!! I was also told they sent email and they never did i want it fixed asap tomorrow to be exact! I paid already and i want my order sent immediately!! Read more

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I am very frustrated with meaningful beauty customer service I tried so many of their toll free number and can't get through just to make a change of my shipping address it's the most deplorable and inefficient service I have ever experienced I am still trying to change my shipping address I will like them to contact me as soon as is possible p0 Add comment

I cancelled my service 6 months ago and now I have a new $49.00 charge on my credit card. Apparently they decided to start sending me product again without my authorization. I was told an order was sent to me (which I did not recieve) and in order to get my money back I have to send the order back..kind of difficult since I don't have it. Not happy since I am having financial difficulties at this time. Read more

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Western union didn't send payment to dhgateyou email dhgate the proof of payment dhgate are investigating it takes two weeks to get a confirmation order is cancelled you've lost paper work as stresses got better of you a well planed criminal act the evidence western union mislead the sender recieveris in the clear order was a dummy made by seller of dhgate now because you've lost your receipt both party's have hit jackpot now this is what UA mist likely to happen you can claim your. Money because western union doesn't keep record of... Read more

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I want to say first that this is a rip off !!! The advertised price is not what they said it is they charge your card two times what they advertised! I used this product and got no results what so ever . Other than swelling around the eyes and stinging on my entire face and neck not to mention the bumps and and clogged pores .. Ladies keep your money cause ms Crawford has enough money for cosmetic surgery! And putting her name on this product is just another pay check for her! It's bull *** so keep your money cause after you use it you are... Read more

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This company is ridiculous. If I was Cindy Crawford, I would not want to be associated with them. They assured me that the cost of this product was 39.95/mo with shipping and handling. I clarified the date that the money would be taken off of my credit care. Then, they took the money off 10 days late, AND they took off the full 3 months of 131.82. They then say that it's an authorization that will fall off in 2-3 days, and it does not. When I call back, they say they will refund in 3-5 business days. TOO LONG TO RESOLVE. CROOKS! I am... Read more

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IN February, I ordered a ONE MONTH supply for 49.95 of Meaningful Beauty's initial trial kit as advertised on TV I love the product and can see fine lines less now than what it was. So I am going over my bank statement for March, then I look at April and find they are charging me 49.95 for both months sending no product. Take a calculator to that and it comes up to basically 149.95. NOT WHAT THE AD SAID OR WHAT WAS UNDERSTOOD AT THE TIME OF THE ORDER. Then I go online. The EXACT order I placed is 49.95 with the same products received. Once... Read more

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I decided to order this product after debating for some time. I called and ordered the one time 30 day supply at a cost of 59.95. The next day while checking my online credit card statement I saw charges from Meaningful Beauty for 71.29 each totaling over 200.00 for my 30 day supply!!! I called my credit card company and they confirmed I had been charged 3 times for the one 30 day supply order. I then called Meaningful Beauty and they stated they "only saw one charge" for their 30 day supply of the product. They insisted to fix it they would... Read more

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This company gives you no option of trying the product for 30 days. They automatically sign you up for a 90 day supply and then automatically charge your card without notifying you. Then when you send the package back they expect you to send it and get a tracking number. My threatening to file a BBB complaint against them was the only way to get them to credit my credit card the $54.94 they attempted to steal from me. And also, the product didn't do anything for my skin. I'm sticking to coconut oil it works just as well and you can getting for... Read more

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