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Hi, I am been fighting them for over a year, I paid over $10 to return the first shipment which I included a letter to cancel, I went one month and they sent another shipment which I have never opened and contacted them with no response and now my credit card company is not working with me either, they need to be stopped and I actually like the skin care however since they kept billing for the... Read more

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I've used this product for about 5 years. In the last month the price has gone up by as much as $10 per bottle. I asked some of the sellers on Amazon who said the prices were raised by the manufacturer and that they told all sellers they can't sell after March 3rd at all. I was looking all over the place for the normal price then read Cindy Crawford is "retiring" from modeling this month. Is that... Read more

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I ordered the meaningful beauty strer line i believe in late december or ther befors nit really sure on tge time due hussle and budsle of holidays . I teaceivedmy product i did tell the CS rep in tge order that i would try it but i am prone to senistivrty to msry products and i am a person tbat is very liimited to cleasner or lots of make applications . so with that daid i He did tell me about... Read more

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I ordered Meaningful Beauty for the first time today. The website made it very clear that I would get a one month supply for 39.95 plus shipping and handling with a 60 day money back guarantee (sans shipping and handling). The site then goes on to state that the purchaser will be billed the same amount monthly and received 90 day supply of the product every three months after the first 30 day... Read more

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I ordered a kit early in January 2016 for $49.95. It never came. So I called them back in mid-January. They could not find my name, order or credit card number in any of their records. I had to start over and place a whole new order. For whatever reason, this time the charge was only $39.95, and the package arrived promptly. Fine. I expected another $39.95 charge to my card in 30 days for a new... Read more

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You have been charging my credit card for the last 8 months refund me my money I have cancelled numerous times I have called numerous times and never get the same person who always tells me someone will call back no one ever does sometimes leave me on hold for 15 minutes then disconnects me you should be ashamed of yourself you need to correct this matter in good faith also this is so *** that I... Read more

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Hello everyone go to your bank and call your credit card statements and file a dispute with them bring your evidence and give dates of calling numerous of times asking to be canceled and not to be billed anymore... most likely it will be found in your favor! You probably will want to cancel whatever card you have used and order a new one in the meanwhile! I have filed one with both my credit card... Read more

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Another gutsy render product that is not what they claim. Used for a few months with no difference than products I can buy anywhere. Add comment

Ive been dealin to fix it. g with this company for over a year and th. I'm a DAV (disabled vet) and this was the one luxury that Ive allowed myself. I'm done with this mess! I would rather go back to over the counter products for half the money, than go thru this aggrevation and worrying about a bunch of charges and having to keep calling to fix things. I know Ive over paid & that they own me... Read more

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More product came in the mail without my knowledge I was charged to my Visa without my permission. I hate those kind of Scams very pissed off. I do like the product, But was under the impression I can buy as needed. When I made the purchase not one word of that. I really hate those kind of scams. I would of kept using product if they were not rip offs. So just want to warn anyone else who... Read more

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